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Enhance your hosting experience

With Luxguide, your guests will have a guide to your property at the palm of their hands

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Why do you want  Luxguide for your property?

10 wi

1. You can quickly share what matters

Provide your guests an easy way to access the information they want, and you know they need

Property essentials

Things they should know about the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living area

Important places

e.g., nearest hospital, urgent care, pharmacy, grocery store, gas station

Dining Options

share your recommendation for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, and delivery

2. You will save time and energy

Eliminate the need to answer the same questions over and over. You can refer them to your property's Welcome Guide for their questions

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Reason #3

3. You will elevate your guest experience

Increase customer satisfaction

Your guests will appreciate the convenience of having all the necessary information in one place.

Increase reviews and ratings

Improve the overall experience of the guests, leading to more positive reviews, ratings, and interactions.

Step by step

How can you get started?

Create your account

Create your account to access our New Property Form, and submit it.
Receive your Luxguide Demo within 48 hrs (based on the information provided).

Develop guide descriptions

We discuss the details of your property to develop the descriptions inside your guide.

Approve & Subscribe

Review it until it's ready. Approve, then subscribe to go live.


Easy and convenient.
Cancel any time.

Paid Monthly


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Your subscription includes

Property Guide

Web-based, no download required. Accessible on every device.

Passwords Protection

Protect your property's guide and give exclusive access to your guests.

ADA Compliance

Only gallery

Limited Customization

We can update the content of your property guide, however, the

Up to 10 Places

Provide directions & information to the nearest convenience and grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, etc...

Up to 5 Dining Recommendations

Share your favorite spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, takeout, and for late night

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